Paper Mario

Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 is a turn based role-playing game with a low skill floor and incredibly high skill ceiling in all aspects of movement, menu navigation and battle execution. Speedruns may be on the longer side, but they are full of constant tight execution at a high level.

Art by @Langepon


This is easily the category for beginners to give the game a shot. Most categories require a lot of practice to even get started, but Glitchless can be done by anyone that at least knows the game casually. There is a lot of difficult movement that beginners will struggle with, but through judicious saving, potentially across multiple sittings, a run will always be able to finish by following the route as guided.

Personal Best (3:48:40)
Route Notes

All Bosses

One of the most technical categories in Paper Mario, All Bosses requires numerous very difficult glitches in order to finish, as well as equally difficult action commands in combat to consistently defeat bosses as expected. These notes are very brief in places, expecting the reader to know generally how sections tend to go, but anyone familiar with the game should be able to make use of them without any issues.

Personal Best (3:12:53)
Route Notes